2022 Western District
Vice President General Derek J. Brown

The Western District of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is composed of three state societies: California, Hawaii and Nevada. Each year at the National Congress, a Vice President General is elected to oversee the activities of the Western District. Derek Brown was elected Vice President General of the Western District at the 132nd Annual Congress in Savannah, Georgia, in July 2021. The next election will be at the 133rd Annual Congress in Orlando, Florida.
2023 Congress:
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Western District Contacts:
Vice President General, Western District
Secretary, Western District
President, California Society
President, Hawaii Society
President, Nevada Society
DAR Liasion, California Society
DAR Liasion, Nevada Society (North)
DAR Liasion, Nevada Society (South)
DAR Liasion, Hawaii Society
Webmaster, Western District