Award Recipients at the Western District Level

The Daughters of Liberty Medal

Daughters Of Liberty MedalThe Daughters of Liberty Medal, authorized in 1992, may be presented to a lady recommended by any officer of a chapter, state or National Society, SAR in appreciation for her unselfish devotion, tireless efforts and assistance to the SAR, and who has dedicated her time, energy, ability and/or finances to the organization in support and furtherance of the stated objectives of the SAR. This is the highest lady’s medal awarded to ladies.

2019 Charmella Secrest (CA)
2020 Un Hui Yi (CA)
2022 Janet Thompson (NV)
2022 Diane Stephens (CA)
2022 Un Hui Yi (CA)

Meritorious Service Medal

Meritorious Service MedalThe National Meritorious Service Medal, authorized in 1980, may be awarded to SAR members who have rendered long, faithful and meritorious service to the National Society.

2009 Larry J. Magerkurth (CA)
2009 Alan David McCullough (HI)
2009 J. L. “Jack” Miller (HI)
2009 Elbridge Wright Smith (HI)
2011 James F. Blauer (CA)
2020 Charles B. Smith, V (NV)
2020 Gregory J. Hill (CA)
2020 Donald Hotchkiss, Jr. (NV)
2022 James Fosdyck (CA)
2022 Brian Stephens (CA)

Silver Roger Sherman Medal

Silver Roger Sherman MedalThe Silver Roger Sherman Medal, authorized in 2013, may be awarded to a compatriot in recognition of, and in appreciation of, outstanding services rendered to a District.  The medal is presented to a compatriot for significant service which lacks the requirements for the Meritorious Service Medal.  It should be awarded in place of the Bronze and Silver Good Citizenship Medals, which cannot be awarded for service to the SAR.  The recipient must have served as an active officer for a minimum of two years, as an active committee chairman for three years, or as an active member of a committee for four years.

2017 Gene Pascal Butler (NV)
2018 Charles B. Smith, V (NV)
2018 Donald Hotchkiss, Jr. (NV)
2019 J.B. Coats (NV)
2019 Ben Allen (NV)
2020 Lt. Col. M. Straus Scantlin (HI)
2020 Col. Robert “Rob” Moore (HI)
2022 Arthur N. Tulak (HI)
2022 Derek J. Brown (CA)
2022 John Ferris (CA)
2022 Greg Hill (CA)

SAR Medal of Appreciation (DAR)

SAR Medal of Appreciation (DAR)The SAR Medal of Appreciation, authorized in 1960, may be presented to a member of the DAR in good standing in recognition of and in appreciation for outstanding services rendered to the SAR. The award may recognize assistance in forming new SAR chapters, obtaining a specific number of new SAR members or otherwise significantly aiding the SAR programs.

2020 Janet Thompson (NV DAR)
2020 Jane Mann (HI DAR)
2022 Sharal Linscott (NV)

Martha Washington Medal

Martha Washington MedalThe Martha Washington Medal, authorized in 1971, may be presented to a woman over 18 years of age in recognition of outstanding service to SAR.

2016 Un Hui Yi (CA)
2020 Phyllis Smith (NV)
2020 Un Hui Yi (CA)

Lydia Darragh Medal

Lydia Darragh MedalThe Lydia Darragh Medal, authorized in 2018, may be awarded by the incumbent President General, Vice President General, State Society President or Chapter President to the lady who has provided significant service to him during his term. The medal will recognize the assistance of the ladies who work behind the scenes supporting SAR programs, but whose service does not meet the requirements for the Martha Washington Medal. It may only be presented once per year at the discretion of the President General, a Vice President General, State Society President or Chapter President. The medal should be presented at the annual society by the outgoing President General, Vice President General, State Society President or Chapter President, and the service citation should be read at the time of presentation.

This Medal is named after Lydia Darragh (1729-1789), who crossed British lines in 1777 during the British occupation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to deliver information to George Washington. As did Lydia Darragh, many ladies have had to courageously adapt to various circumstances to work side by side with Presidents General and Vice Presidents General and State Society and Chapter Presidents.

2016 Ivy Spray (HI)
2018 Lisa Gregory (CA)
2020 Un Hui Yi (CA)
2022 Phyllis A. Smith (NV)